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Art at Cordova Park

Mrs. Roll
Mrs. Roll
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1/27/11 9:34 PM
8/30/16 2:34 PM
7/30/20 4:56 PM
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Art education is primarily concerned with visual experiences, messages communicated by visual elements such as lines, colors, shapes, textures and the like. Students need systematic instruction in order to perceive, create and appreciate the visual arts. The quality of instruction that students receive in elementary school is of great importance for the development of a life long interest in art.

Students at Cordova Park are involved in the many aspects of art including, art history, art production, art critism, and art aesthetics. The program encourages exploration, creativity and self expression at the same time that it fosters mastery of basic art skills and concepts.
The students at Cordova Park create art based on imagination, familiar places, activities with family or friends, personal interpretations of famous works of art, weather, animals, seasons, etc. The students acquire basic media skills through drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and other three-dimensional activities.
Students learn about the process of looking at artworks as an enjoyable integral part of learning about art. They learn to perceive and describe the subject matter, details and specific visual elements in famous works of art as well as their own artwork. By studying art history students learn about a variety of styles and types of art forms along with making historical connections.
Artel Mask Show 2016
Artel Mask Show 2016
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