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Art at Cordova Park

Our Art Room
Paint Cans

More information will be coming home soon. If you student is remote learning the official Square One paper will come home in the first parent pick up in a few weeks. We will begin working on the art in September. Art is Due Monday, September 28th. Your order forms should arrive home around October 19th and orders due October 30th. Items should arrive around November 19th. 


Your art program

Art education is primarily concerned with visual experiences, messages communicated by visual elements such as lines, colors, shapes, textures and the like. Students need systematic instruction in order to perceive, create and appreciate the visual arts. The quality of instruction that students receive in elementary school is of great importance for the development of a life long interest in art.

Students at Cordova Park are involved in the many aspects of art including, art history, art production, art critism, and art aesthetics. The program encourages exploration, creativity and self expression at the same time that it fosters mastery of basic art skills and concepts.
The students at Cordova Park create art based on imagination, familiar places, activities with family or friends, personal interpretations of famous works of art, weather, animals, seasons, etc. The students acquire basic media skills through drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture and other three-dimensional activities.
Students learn about the process of looking at artworks as an enjoyable integral part of learning about art. They learn to perceive and describe the subject matter, details and specific visual elements in famous works of art as well as their own artwork. By studying art history students learn about a variety of styles and types of art forms along with making historical connections.
Be Creative


We are excited to see  your artists this year. We are grateful that your students will be coming to the art room or we will be meeting them online. To help with keeping supplies from cross contamination in the art room we are asking that students bring their pencil boxes to art this year. It does not have to be a box just for art class, it can be the same the student uses daily. We are also hoping our remote student's will have the same supplies. We welcome feedback as we implement new safety procedures. Please let us know if we can help in anyway.


Each box we are hoping will contain: 2 pencils, glue bottle (not glue sticks), scissors and crayons.


It would be amazing if these items could be added: personal sharpener, markers and colored pencils. Remote students: watercolor tray with paintbrush.


Art Supplies